Working with our clients and their customers to deliver richer customer experiences with positive impact.

d-flo provides software solutions to help companies better manage their customer communications.

Whether the purpose is to help our clients update their customers on their bookings, balances or potential disruptions and whether the goal is to confirm their purchase, ensuring they pay on time or safeguarding them, quality communications underpin every successful organisation.

Our communication solutions are purpose-built to optimise all communication journeys, leveraging the latest innovative technology to address the most common challenges facing businesses today.

In 2022, we launched Tree[3] - a totally unique sustainability initiative made up of three fundamental elements. Element one: uniting three parties – d-flo, its clients and their customers. Element two: offsetting the carbon footprint ot every communication delivered by its solutions, donating a percentage of all contract revenue for tree-planting projects across the globe, and enabling its clients to use its solutions to communicate their own environmental and sustainability initiatives. And element three: the inspiringly named mathematical theorem which equates to a number with similar enormity in scale to the climate crisis and the impact that we are committed to collectively reversing.

"Whilst d-flo have led with a digital-first proposition for many years and have built a comprehensive suite of tools into its communication platforms to accelerate this, as like anything, emails and SMSs still have a carbon footprint. Lower in comparison to traditional print, they soon add up considerably and therefore need to be factored into our carbon calculations and offsetting. We also believe that more could be done to help better educate the recipients of our sustainable communications.

Through a partnership with Ecologi, d-flo will make a substantial investment towards emission-reducing projects independently certified by Gold Standard and global tree- planting projects. Their adherence to the highest-level of environmental integrity and along with impact, operational and financial transparency is fundamental to the partnership between Ecologi and d-flo and similarly between d-flo and its clients, and in turn our clients with their customers.  Working together with a common purpose of carbon offsetting, cutting waste and tree planting, Tree[3]’s mission is to make an ongoing contribution in the fight against climate change and making the planet a better place for the next generations.

Like many companies, we believe this is a landmark moment for accountability with the growing need for organisations to review their supply chain impact on the environment. And it makes us very proud to be launching Tree[3] to support the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) of d-flo, its clients and their customers."

Colin Brimson, CEO

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Seriously considering it?

Imagine how it would feel to have planted 1 million trees, being part of this number, knowing you’re going way beyond your carbon footprint to help reverse climate change.