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EET Group

EET Group is a value adding niche IT distributor

EET Group provide suppliers and customers with expert industry knowledge, intelligent logistics solutions, unique sales service and smart marketing tools. We operate in 24 markets across Europe, carry over 1100 brands and serve more than 30,000 buying customers annually.

"EET is an IT distributor that was originally founded on delivering memory and  spare parts for IT products. It's embedded in our DNA to help our customers across Europe with repairing their faulty products, by making it easy to find, order and ship the spare part products they need. Making sure spare parts are easy to find, and shipping them fast to reduce down time when something is broken - is reducing, or at least postponing e-waste. Working with Ecologi to make our outbound shipments climate positive was a natural first step in reducing our shipping climate impact. We offset our outbound shipments with carbon offsets, and additionally plant 1 tree for every 5 shipments making it climate positive. Alongside this we are involved in a lot of other initiatives, but we have much more to do, so this is only one step of many more to come, with the goal of minimising our climate footprint. 

Bottom line, it's the right thing to do".

Kristian Lading, Group Business Line Director

Trees planted so far


Trees pledged so far


Seriously considering it?

Imagine how it would feel to have planted 1 million trees, being part of this number, knowing you’re going way beyond your carbon footprint to help reverse climate change.