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Krystal Hosting

In 2002, at seventeen years of age, Krystal CEO Simon Blackler found himself wrestling with an existential quandary: how could he justify his existence? After much deliberation, only one answer seemed complete: if he could use his time to leave the world in a better place, then his life must have had value.

Simon figured that if he built a successful business, it could attract the necessary resources (employees and cash) and continue as a force for good long after he was gone. It was from this deep-seated desire to leave a lasting, positive legacy that Krystal was born.

Named “Krystal” to reflect quality, value and transparency, it started with a simple mission: To provide the best possible service backed by a personal, honest approach.

18 years later and Krystal has a team of over 60 staff and is growing fast. Hosting over 200,000 websites for 30,000+ clients, we’re the UK’s largest independent web host. Throughout we’ve never strayed from our ethos of being honest, reliable and personal.

We believe business is about solving problems, not making money. We obsess over the details and always seek out the best technology, then lovingly stitch it together into the best experience possible. We put exceptional support at the heart of all we do. Staff are rewarded for using green energy. We host charities for free. We try our best to do the right thing by our clients, our staff and our planet.

Since 2017, we’ve been powered by 100% green energy. And thanks to our work with Ecologi, we’ve become a Climate Positive Workforce that offsets its entire carbon footprint.

In our eyes, achieving carbon neutrality isn’t the end goal, it’s the barest minimum first step. This is why we’re always looking for new initiatives to contribute to both lowering carbon emissions and actively work to improve the environment beyond simply negating our business footprint.

“Krystal exists to positively impact the planet. Social responsibility is central to our thinking, our operations and our future growth. Every decision we make as a business is built around giving something back and creating a positive legacy.

Today we stand up to be counted among those who care and take action to reverse climate change. For us, it’s more than creating an ethical brand, it’s our reason for being."

Simon Blackler, CEO and Founder

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Imagine how it would feel to have planted 1 million trees, being part of this number, knowing you’re going way beyond your carbon footprint to help reverse climate change.